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Welcome to this very new renewed Superfly TNT Site. It's all here, packed with goodies and stuff. Everything you can't find here was just a figment of your imagination anyway...


One last songMonday, 05 June, 2006
We have just finsihed a mix on a song we recorded last year, most likely the last song we will add on this site. So check it out this song without a title...
optreden DCUDOMonday, 28 November, 2005

Hello dearly beloved!
No news about Superfly TNT, but this site is good enough for spamming (or so it seems). So... here we go... Some of the GFKASTM (guys formally known as Superfly TNT members) will be taking the stage again. At christmas-eve... well... kind-a. They'll be playing @ IRRATIONAL LIBRARY'S Christmas Crapshoot part 2. The event will be held in the  Patronaat, Haarlem -main stage- on the 23 (december 2005). Check out the links for more info. Oh yeah... and check the title of this newsflash/item for the 'band' in which those guys play...
think for yourself, question authority...
Oh yeah.. I forgot... Please come, PLEASE come (not that we really care, but if you don't YOU'll regret it... or not...whatever!)

Status please!Tuesday, 29 March, 2005

Q: So... We haven't heard from you in quite some time. What's the bands current status?
A: Actually... I'm not sure (let's keep you in the dark on this). We're either on a long brake or we've broken up (fans burst into tears). We are still in the process of recording songs however.
Q: So did you guys have a fight?!
A: No way! Irene gives priority to her study at the moment (good education above everything) and is involved in the forming of a new (musical) project. So no more SFTNT (at the moment)[remember: we're keeping you guessing].
Los Bastardos is playing the violin intensively lately and I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing in a Haarlem situated band/orchestra soon...(hint?!)
Q: So what about Daniel and Joost?!
A: Daniel is busy mixing and recording new SFTNT songs, as well as mixing and recording for other artists and bands. Daniel, Joost and Los Bastardos and also busy with a new band, but nothing solid here yet... We've been playing together eversince the good-old CHIMERA time, so we're probably gonna keep on writing and playing together until....uhm... yeah, whatever...
Q: STAT... alive or dead?! Joost and Daniel used to be in STAT, is there gonna be a revival?!
A: We've been hearing the same rumours. It could very well be, but SFTNT members in the band?!... Actually we can't say anything about that at the moment, due to contracts, so uhm:... NO COMMENT!

Gibson vs PRSMonday, 21 February, 2005

Gibson, the world famous guitar company, has gone crazy. They're (successfully?!) filing a lawsuit against PRS guitars for their Single-Cut model which, as Gibson states looked too much like their copyrighted model (the Les Paul). Read the story here...
Okay, they may look a bit alike, but there are MANY differences (PRS's are better?!). The person that can come up with the most/greatest differences wins a price! (post them on the forum).
My humble opinion is that Gibson is just jealous... I heard even Slash is considering switching to a PRS guitar...(?!!!).
If you are the lucky owner of a single-cut... valuable stocks baby!!!
Latest news: Los Bastardos Guitar Company (based in Europe) is considering manufactering the PRS Single-Cut guitars. (the lawsuit isn't 'valid' outside the USA...)

Happy New YearTuesday, 04 January, 2005
From us to you, out there, wherever you are...Happy New Year!
Also happy birthday (yesterday) to Irene, who's currently snowboarding somewhere in the French Alps... Just a short message...that's all folks!!!
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